How to solve the problem of clay leakage on the top of the CERAMBOT extruder.

If there is a clay leakage problem on the top of your extruder, you need to adjust the position of the coupling, increase the distance “a” between the coupling and the motor in the figure, and let the coupling press the silicone gasket. As shown below: At the same time, it is also necessary to

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CERAMBOT Pro Push Rod Motor Problem Summary

1.CERAMBOT worm gear push rod motor running too fast The problem of the speed mismatch between the worm gear push rod motor and the nozzle extrusion motor: When the worm gear reducer push rod motor moves too fast, it will cause too much mud to overflow from the top of the extruder. At this time,

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CERAMBOT Repetier Control Software Manual

CERAMBOT can not only print via the SD card of the LCD, but also control the print via repeater. (With CURA, CERAMBOT can also be controlled via USB) First download and install repetier: Choose the operating system you use, windows, mac or linux. Choose your familiar language, click: ok Next, choose to accept the

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CERAMBOT Tong | Concrete 3D printing system

        Product description: The concrete 3D printing system uses computer and automation technology to accumulate concrete materials with fast setting and early strength through the outline process layer by layer to realize three-dimensional intelligent paving. It is suitable for research and teaching of architectural 3D printing technology (including design, equipment, materials, etc.).

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How to Convert a FDM 3D Printer to a Clay 3D Printer

CERAMBOT supports conversion of most FDM printers to clay printers. Your device needs to meet the following requirements: 1. You can modify the printer's firmware. If you are using marlin firmware, you need to turn off extrusion protection and add M302 code to Gcode. 2. You need to modify the resolution per second of the

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