Due to errors in the installation process, the length of the needle and the thickness of the board, the printing height of CERAMBOT needs to be adjusted, otherwise the needle will hit the printing platform or the gap between the printing platform and the printing platform will be too large.

First, make sure that the three limit switches are at the same level.


With the help of the LCD control screen, do the following:


Move the knob inward to enter the following interface:


Select the  preparation  option and enter the image below.


Press to select the  auto-  zero option, at which point you will see the carbon rod rise and touch the three limit switches in turn.


Select the ”  Move axis and move z”  option, then enter the “Move Z value” option, and then turn the knob to move the print head down.   


Choose to  move 10mm  or other, the resolution is different every time.


The initial height, which is the default height: a = 286.5mm. At present, the set print height is displayed and can be modified according to the actual situation.


As shown in the figure below, turn the knob so that it just moves to the print head and touches the print platform.


Note that the value displayed on the screen at this time is m. For example: m = 2.


Then download the Marin firmware, open it with arduino IDE, find the configuration.h file, and then find DELTA_HEIGHT in the file, you can use Ctrl + F to quickly query.


Modify the value of DELTA_HEIGHT. If the original DELTA_HEIGHT value is a, for example: 286.5, it should be changed to ‘= am. For example: 284.5 = 286.5-2. After modifying the DELTA_HEIGHT value, ‘= 284.5, save the file, and then upload the Marin firmware to Arduino again. Be sure to close software such as cura at this time.

To reduce the resistance during printing, you can remove the needle and print directly with the adapter. At this time, the print height is high.