CERAMBOT can not only print via the SD card of the LCD, but also control the print via repeater. (With CURA, CERAMBOT can also be controlled via USB)

First download and install repetier:


Choose the operating system you use, windows, mac or linux.

  1. Choose your familiar language, click: ok
  2. Next, choose to accept the agreement, click: next
  3. Uncheck the server option in the red box and click: next.
  4. For the rest of the installation, choose the default, always choose: next. If you have to agree to the agreement, please choose to agree, otherwise the installation will not be possible.


The software installation is complete, and then the software usage teaching will be carried out. After installing the software, the following is shown:

  1. Select the “printer setting” option in the upper right corner and configure as shown below:


  1. Port selection: Auto or the COM port of the printer to be connected, such as COM3 here, or COM4, COM5, etc. Baud rate selection: 250000.

    Configure as follows:

  2. Set printer hardware parameters:
  3. Connect the printer and load the model
  4. Click: “start print” to start printing. In case of emergency, you can select “emergency stop” to achieve emergency stop.
  5. If the consumables have been printed, you can choose to pause printing, or you can choose to stop printing.
  6. Click Home to home the XYZ axis. Enter the command G1 F1800 Z0 in the G-code input box, click Send, and move the printer down to the lowest point. At this time, measure the distance between the actual lowest point and the print head, aCERAMBnd correct the distance to the marlin firmware. To modify the print height, you can modify the marlin firmware. This function is consistent with the modification function of LCD2004, please refer to the link here: https://www.cerambot.com/z-print-height-adjustment/

Note: G-code detailed explanation:

[1] G1: Controlled move

For example, G1 F1800 X10 Y20 E2.4, G1 command can include wire extrusion. Marlin will try to read the speed value from each line of instruction, and then accelerate or decelerate to this speed value before the movement starts, and then

The movement instruction is executed without changing the speed during the movement. The above command tells the printer to move from current to X10 Y20 at speed F1800.

[2] G28: Move to Origin

This command will return the machine’s extruder to its origin. To be precise, each axis moves to the initial position. It should be noted that in order to quickly return to the position, the moving process will continue to accelerate, when it hits the limit switch

Later, it will make a round trip of about 1mm to ensure the accuracy of the home position.

If the coordinate axis parameter is added after G28, it will return to the position only in the coordinate axis direction involved. For example, G28 X10 and G28 X0 will only make the printer return to the X axis. But not in the Y direction

And Z direction homing. (The number after X will be ignored). The simple G28 command will return to the three axes at the same time, the order is X axis, Y axis, Z axis.

For more explanation, please see: https://marlinfw.org/meta/gcode/