CERAMBOT Tong | Concrete 3D printer for construction

CERAMBOT Tong | Concrete 3D printer for construction


This product is a customized product, for the actual price, please contact: hello@cerambot.com
Supports common types of Portland cement based, sulphoaluminate cement based printing materials

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Product description:

The concrete 3D printing system uses computer and automation technology to accumulate concrete materials with fast setting and early strength through the outline process layer by layer to realize three-dimensional intelligent paving. It is suitable for research and teaching of architectural 3D printing technology (including design, equipment, materials, etc.).

Product model: CERAMBOT Tong


[1] System service, easy to learn

[2] Specialized and independent design of conveying system, high efficiency, energy saving and convenient

[3] The printing size and shape have high precision, which can be controlled within ± 0.1cm

[4] The man-machine interface is good and easy to control


Technical parameter:

[1] Operating system win7 and above

[2] Voltage: 100-220V 50-60Hz 380v

[3] Total power: 6KW

[4] Operating temperature: 15 ~ 30 ℃

[5] Storage conditions: 10 ~ 30 ℃

[6] Weight: 200kg ~ 500kg

[7] Flat printing speed: 10mm / s-200mm / s; vertical lifting speed: 10mm / s ~ 20mm / s

[8] Types of printing materials: can be applied to various types of printing materials such as clay, ordinary Portland cement-based, sulfoaluminate cement-based

[9] Equipment dimensions: 1200 × 1200 × 1200mm, 2700 × 2700 × 2700mm

[10] Printed physical dimensions: 600 × 600 × 600mm, 1650 × 1650 × 1650mm (print size can be customized)

[11] Feeding method: manual or remote automatic feeding of the feeding system (optional)

[12] Outlet nozzle diameter: 30mm (customizable)


Main configuration:

[1] One 3D printing frame

[2] Accessories such as feed tube and print head

[3] One batching and conveying system (optional, and there are two models with different prices)

[4] One computer (optional)



[1] 3D printing framework

[2] Batching conveyor system

a) Large feeding system with mixer (optional)

Remarks: The yellow part above the feeding system is powder mixing, and the bottom part is the long-distance conveying of ingredients.

b) Small feeding system (optional)

[3] Control system


Print works:


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