CERAMBOT Pro Extruder Kit Control Board


The input voltage of this module is 12v, and the input power is at least 50W.

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This control panel is used to control the movement of the worm gear push rod motor.

Pro control board wiring diagram, IN is the output signal from MKS expansion version。

P is power supply, R is 57 stepping motor forward and reverse in hardware mode.

When the dial code is dialed to the CW , the 57 stepper motor is positive;When the dial code is dialed to CCW , the 57 stepper motor is reversed.

C is hardware mode and software mode (M163 follow control) switching dialing code In the right hole, C Dialing code is the switching control mode. When dialing code dials to the hard end, it is the hardware mode.

At this time, the middle knob (which should be rotated counterclockwise to the minimum in the initial state) can adjust the speed of the 57 stepper motor.When dialing code to soft terminal, it is software mode, which is controlled by computer software at this time.

The output current of the 57 stepper motor can be adjusted in the right hole, and the adjustment range is 0A~ 4.5A. The larger the current is, the greater the torque of the 57 stepper motor will be. However, in order to ensure normal use, it is recommended not to exceed 2.5A.




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